My Fanfic


Dynamics: Post-ep of sorts for Aid Station. Hawkeye and Margaret find that spending the night at Battalion Aid has changed the way they see each other, and they’re not the only ones who’ve noticed. Frank is upset, Trapper is amused and Henry’s bemused (Hawkeye/Margaret).

The Thrill of Irritation:  A pre-series story that runs into the Pilot episode  (Hawkeye/Margaret).

After Hours: What was originally one-shot set early to mid season 3 in which Hawkeye and Margaret are drinking at the same time in the same place (Hawkeye/Margaret).

After After Hours:

Sequel to After Hours (Hawkeye/Margaret).

The Stowaway: In which Margaret comes home for Korea with a little more than she bargained for and has to figure out what to do with her barely recognisable life (Hawkeye/Margaret).

Yelling: When BJ and Colonel Potter exit the mess tent after lunch they hear shouting. They’re not surprised when they discover the source, but they are surprised by what eventuates (Hawkeye/Margaret).

Incompatible: Post-ep for The More I see You. Hawkeye’s moping at the bar in the officer’s club and Margaret, back from a trip to Tokyo, is finding her relationship with Frank and her lack of other options frustrating (Hawkeye/Margaret).

And Yet: Hawkeye finds himself in a situation he swore he wouldn’t be in after the events Comrades in Arms, and he’s feeling more than he wants to. Takes place during and after the “red party” in the Season 7 episode, Peace on Us (Hawkeye/Margaret).

If I Went Under: A Margaret introspective. Margaret lands stateside post-war and feels alone and completely out of place, and all she wants is a bath.

La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin (The Maid With The Flaxen Hair): A vignette about Margaret inspired by Debussy’s piece of the same name.

Inebriation and Consequences (WIP): Hawkeye and Margaret have a particularly crappy session in the OR and end up in bed together, but it has further reaching consequences than the night of distraction they’d intended. (Hawkeye/Margaret).


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