Hawkeye/Margaret Fic Recs

These are roughly in the order I found them in:

Out of Sight, Out of Heart by Maple Fay

Put Your Hand in Mine by xLight360x WIP – I really really can’t wait until this one is updated, it has all the makings of an epic.

Knight in Shining Pyjamas by sue-sylvester-shuffle

Reason by sue-sylvester-shuffle

Fever Phenomena by sue-sylvester-shuffle

It’s a Game We Play by sablefalls – Another favourite, I adore it.

Under the Influence by Djinn1

Missing Hawk by Mariole

The Pregnancy of Margaret Houlihan by Jedicren

War Prize by agapimou34 WIP

Moving Forward by Awahili WIP

Drain by foolondahill17 – Not H/M but about Margaret trying to adjust after arriving stateside post war. Angsty.

You and Me  by sablefalls

Tidings of Comfort and Joy by Fire Dancer1

Memory is a Funny Thing by Fire Dancer1

A Great Year by Fire Dancer1

A Four Letter Word by simgirl

Tuxedo Junction by simgirl

Hey Look, No Crying by Fire Dancer1

The Aftermath by Christine Ruud

Frustration by pol

Strong Enough by Maple Fay

Friends and Lovers by jecris27 .

B Minor by ValaMagic

Angel of Mercy by My Barbaric YAWP

Couldn’t, Wouldn’t by jennamajig

Same Time Next Year by lucindadixon

You and Me sablefalls

Five Times Hawkeye Kissed Margaret by BundyShoes

 all behind you (all beside you) by muir_wolf

Quite a Day by Intriotus

It’s Terrible by Introitus

Midnight Musings by Introitus

Mad World by Introitus (excellently angsty)

Half a Bird by Twilight 3-1

edited to add these:

Dust into Dust by Sarken

What May Yet Be Proved by Sarken

White Noise by anr

These Nights When We Were Drinking by anr

Geography by anr

A Sober Moment by Merfilly

People Out in the Snow by Sab (not H/m, just a small fic about Margaret)

All We Have by JK Ashavah (Ashavah)

Familiar Faces by Merfilly

The Margaret Mystique by Chickadilly

Unfinished by Merfilly

it comes with a price by Muir_Wolf

Bonus fics (by me):

DynamicsThe Thrill of Irritation, After HoursAfter After Hours, The Stowaway, Incompatible, And YetYelling , If I Went Under and Inebriation and Consequences.